Maximising the Donation

At Gift My Car we aim to maximise on all donations. For us, maximising means considering a holistic approach to bring about balanced positive impact to society ('Total Solution'). Not only do we consider maximising financial gains to charities and communities from your donation but also the social and environmental impact as well.


We ensure all donations are maximised financially for charities, Gift My Car only takes 12.5% administration charge and, with no extra hidden costs! We have refined the donation and increased return on every car donation by delivering all cars to scrap yards ourselves through the help of Refined Giving volunteers, without having to depend on costly car collection agencies.

In fact, we aim to take advantage of any opportunity to maximise the value of end-of-life car donations. If it means putting on a new clutch to significantly increase the value of your car donation, we'll do it!

When cars have been donated by a tax payer we are also able to increase the money generated by 25% by collecting Gift Aid on behalf of the charity. Combined with our strategic recycling techniques this maximises the donation that the charity receives


When it comes to recycling cars, we don’t just recycle the metal. We recycle more of the car to minimise the waste that ends up in landfill, and it also means that we generate more money for charity. As well as the metal, we recycle the oil, plastic, glass, rubber, batteries, catalytic converters, can find more about our recycling technology here.


All donations also bring about great social value. Gift My Car was established by previously young unemployed graduates determined to support the work of other charities. Your donation helps further their project as well as the work of your selected charity. We also ensure all donations go to UK registered charities so you feel confident that your donation will make a positive social impact.

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