How Gift My Car Works

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Contact us by phone or email, giving us details of the car you wish to donate, where it is located and to which charity you wish to donate the proceeds. A Gift My Car employee will take down all of your customer details and discuss with you the next steps. If you are keen to proceed we we will arrange for the collection of your car through our collection agent, who will arrange a convenient time for your vehicle to be collected


All vehicles are collected within 7 days of the initial enquiry. All cars, including those that do not start, can be collected and loaded onto a trailer. Once collection is complete, you sign the log book to transfer ownership of the car to Gift My Car Ltd. In addition you will receive a Gift Aid declaration as proof your donation goes to charity. Following pick-up your car will be taken to one of our authorised facility centres.


On arrival, our experts will assess the car's value; they will decide whether it is likely to obtain a good price at auction or whether it should be recycled. If the decision is taken to recycle your car the first step is depollution; this involves the removal of motor oil, anti-freeze, batteries and brake fluids. The next step is the removal of all salvageable parts to be sold on.

We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so instead of simply sending the rest of the car to the shredder we strip down the vehicle of all its recyclable components and systematically process every material. This process allows us to exceed the 85% recycling target set out by new EU directive on end-of-life cars. Once everything that can be recycled has been removed and processed we receive a scrap value of the remaining materials from the shedding company based upon the current commodities market.


The total proceeds from auctioning or recycling vehicles sale is calculated and a small fee of 10% plus VAT is deducted from the figure by us to cover administration costs. We will then contact you to confirm if you want to donate all or part of the proceeds to your chosen charity. In the event you decide not to donate any portion of the proceeds to charity then an administration charge of 50% will apply to that portion.The net proceeds are then forwarded to the charity, the charity will send you a letter confirming the amount you raised and thanking you for your donation.


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