Our Partners

We have built a strong supply chain for car donations with the support of major corporate partners. This greatly maximises the impact of our cause to ensure waste does not go to waste, help relieve the presence of abandoned vehicles in the communities they operate in and increase opportunities for corporate organisations to support and work with national charities.

John Laing is a leading UK developer, owner and operator of housing, property and infrastructure. With significant presence in the built environment John Laing is supporting Gift My Car with donations of abandoned cars within their work areas as well as using our refined products from scrap cars for the sustainability and social welfare of the communities they work in.

Skanska is one of the world's leading construction groups with expertise in construction, development of commercial and residential projects and public-private partnerships. Skanska strives to work for the benefit of their communities and, as contractors for major highways and residential roads, they have agreed to donate abandoned cars to our charity projects as well as use our supply of refined products from car parts for major construction projects.

Pinnacle PSG provides neighbourhood management services including housing management, energy solutions, soft and hard facilities management, interim management, 24/7 contact centre, street scene and public realm. Pinnacle PSG has agreed to enhance community living by donating all abandoned and unwanted cars in the London boroughs they operate in for the benefit of charities working within their communities.


Metal Monkey Recycling - Our Scrap Car Recycling Partners

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