Individual Supporters

We provide car donors the satisfaction that their car, at end-of-life stage, will continue to run the extra mile by directing its value towards major charity projects. We treat all car donations on an individual bases, providing tailored consideration to maximise on all car donations for charity. Here is a case study of how we handled one customer's car:

  • Car collected from Mr H's home and taken to scrap yard (£200.00).
  • Administration costs of 10% (£20.00) plus VAT on administration cost of £4.00 (total deductions £24.00).
  • Peugeot 406 turned into £176.00 cash which Mr H then donated to Centrepoint with a Gift Aid declaration, adding a further 25% (£44.00).
  • Centrepoint receives £220.00 donation for scrap Peugeot 406.
  • Mr H was surprised and delighted at the value he received saying, "I thought you would have got £80.00 at most".

Without knowledge of the value we can achieve this may have been the case. Indeed when we started to sell the car we had been offered anything from £0.00 to have the car removed to the rate of £100.00 - £150.00 across London, but we kept on going until we could reach maximum value.

Unlike leading national charity car collection schemes in the UK, we do not use external collection agencies to complete the processing of your car donations. We feel our existence would be pointless seen as car donors can ring up these agencies themselves and donate any money raised to charity. However, not only do car collection agencies charge high administration fees for their handling services, our research shows you will also get significantly less for your car in the first place. We have cut the 'middleman' out and refined the giving process by investing in infrastructures to deliver all cars to authorised treatment facilities ourselves whilst keeping administration costs comparatively low by working with volunteers to carry this out. We truly believe in adding best value to the process so your car donation is maximised for your chosen charity.

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