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Gift My Car is wholly owned by the registered charity Refined Giving

It was established to help any charity realise the full value from your scrap or unwanted car donations. You can donate your car with absolute confidence because we are a charity!



At Gift My Car we aim to maximise on all donated cars. For us, maximising means considering a holistic approach to bring about balanced positive impact to society ('Total Solution'). Not only do we consider maximising financial gains to charities and communities from your donation but also the social and environmental impact as well.


donated car We are so confident that our knowledgeable staff and volunteers will achieve the best price for you, we are happy to provide you with a quote without obligation. Click here for a quote or here to donate car


Looking for a change? Why not volunteer with Gift My Car through our charity, Refined Giving. You'll be working on projects that make a real difference to the way people think about waste while bringing about public benefits for charities and communities by helping realise value in end-of-life products.


What We Do

When you decide to donate your car with Gift My Car, you can be assured of our best efforts to derive the maximum value we get from your car. We don't just scrap the car or send it to auction if we think that is the better option.


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We assess each donated car individually, if we think the maximum benefit can be gained by having the car repaired and MOT'd, then that is what we do. In the past we have found this approach can more than double the donation we can achieve by just selling an unrepaired car at auction.

Should we decide that recycling the car is the best option, then we follow a four-step process when deciding the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to handle each different component of an end-of-life- car, read more...

donate car recycling technology

When it comes to recycling cars, we don’t just recycle the metal. We recycle more of the car to minimise the waste that ends up in landfill, and it also means that we generate more money for charity. As well as the metal, we recycle the oil, plastic, glass, rubber, batteries, catalytic converters, fabric...you can find more about our recycling technology here.


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Donate car or your waste to charity.

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‘Gift My’ is a revolutionary service that helps you donate cars or indeed any end-of-life materials and products for good causes. As the not-for-profit trading arm of Refined Giving, Gift My collects targeted materials... Read more...


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